Students Learn the Dangers of Vaping During Assembly

Matthew Lewis

Vaping, also known as juuling, has fast become an addiction for teens across the country, and DHS is not immune. On April 2, the 12 Eagles presented an assembly to bring awareness to the dangers of the use of e-cigarettes.

Representatives from OSF Healthcare, as well as members of the club spoke to two assemblies – one to freshman and sophomores, and another for juniors and seniors about this highly addictive form of the use of nicotine.

One of the reasons it is so popular is the flavors. According to Junior Jada Wheeler, who spoke during the assembly, nicotine companies are targeting teenagers using “flavored pods.” such as marshmallow, “vampire’s kiss”, mango, and cotton candy.

Because of this, 12 Eagles member Katie Klein said students who have not previously smoked before are using vapes, and quickly becoming addicted.

In fact, “every one in five students is addicted to nicotine,” OSF representative Bhagat S. Aulakh, M.D., said.

Senior Hudson Hazelwood who spoke during the assembly said many students have an addiction, or know people who do. He said, “I know people who are struggling.”

Junior Ashley Igoe, who attended the assembly concurs. “I know a lot of people who do it, some even at school. It seems like harmless fun, but this assembly really makes you realize how serious the issue actually is.”

Athletic director Cazelet also warned students that not only is vaping a dangerous habit, but that is it against the athletic code. She explained that student athletes are held to higher expectations, and will be coded for vaping.

However, she said that the student does offer help to students who are addicted to vaping. “The school has a Safe Harbor program that students can go to seek help,”Cazalet said.