Fine Arts Displayed


Mid-Illini conference honorable mention piece done by Lauren Bollinger.

Ashley Steinkoenig

The artistic talents of many students were showcased last Friday at DHS’s annual Fine Arts Night held at the school.


Students representing choir, speech, and orchestra performed in the auditorium, while artwork was displayed in the hallways. The robotics team demonstrated some of their work in the gym.


Fine Arts Night is a way for students who aren’t typically recognized at the school to have their work showcased.


Artwork from the Fine Arts Club, art classes and photography classes lined the hallways. Honorable mention winners from the Mid-Illini Art Show had their pieces framed.


Seniors Emily Brooks and Bailey Shoemaker performed their state-qualifying speeches at the event.


“It’s a really nice way for students and families to come and see some of the talents that aren’t always talked about at school,” says junior Presley Spratt, “We hear a lot about sports, but rarely about this kind of stuff. It’s definitely an event that more people should go to, to support all of the arts students.”

Mid-Illini conference honorable mention winning piece.




Individual work by Jessica Fancher.



Photograph taken for photography class by junior Ashlynn Lizer.




Artwork done by the DHS Fine Arts Club.





Piece by junior Anna Parish.
Art created in Mrs. Hale’s class by junior Maya Clark.