Staff and Students Participate in Taco Eating Contest

John Day

On April 16, DHS St. Jude Club hosted a taco eating contest in the main gym during home room to raise money for St. Jude Week.


Mr. Nessler ended up winning the taco eating contest, but the most important result was that St. Jude Club was able to raise $230.


Mrs. Benefield, Mr. Nessler, Ms. Wolter, Mrs. Snyder, Ms. Ferraro, Mrs. Frazier, Mr. Olson, Mr. Gornik, and Mr. Love participated in the contest.


Three students also competed and were chosen prior to the contest.The selected students were Alex Cline, Gavin Bart, and Taron Mackey, all seniors.


“It’s a fun event that gets the staff and students involved,” said Toni Derry, Senior Leader of Club Communications.


Mrs. Henry, the club’s supervisor, stated that, “I hope this becomes a tradition for the club.”


The event was almost cancelled when the local business providing tacos backed out. However, the club persevered by finding other ways to move the event forward.


Henry, and members of the club like sophomore Morgan Teubel, played a big role in preparing tacos for the contest.


Olson, a contestant in the taco eating contest was, “ready and pumped” to be in the taco eating contest.


He knew he wouldn’t be able to eat as much as the other contestants since he didn’t prepare as well as the others, like Gornik.


“[Mr. Gornik] watched youtube videos to prepare for the contest, said Olson.