New Tackling Dummies Help Amp Up DHS Football Players’ Skills


Football players interact with new robotic tackling dummy.

Noah Vaughn, Staff Writer

Dunlap High School’s booster club for the varsity football team recently purchased three new MVP Robotics, remote controlled tackling dummies for the team to practice with to help prevent injuries.

The Dunlap Eagles are the first high school football team in the area to begin using the MVPs, along with some other gadgets that help the players have a better experience at practice. Although these dummies come at a lofty price, $3,500 each, the safety of the students is unmatched, and the equipment will be keeping the players safe for the foreseeable future.

According to the company’s website,, the MVPs weigh in at around 160 pounds, and can hit a top speed of around 16 miles per hour.

Braden Dietz, a linebacker for the Eagles, says “[The new dummies] are crazy. They can run close to as fast as most of us can run, the only thing is that it’s an adjustment going from hitting a person to a soft bag, but it definitely helps us not get hurt.”

Dietz also described how the new dummies help the defense be able to go at full speed and see certain things more accurately, based on being able to have full contact.

Weaver, an offensive lineman, said that the dummies are “super easy to mimic a deep returner on kickoffs or running back on a run play, so it’s really easy to be able to see how an actual player would run that play, especially when it’s a play where one of our players could easily get hurt if they got hit. It’s really helpful.”