A Closer Look at New Lit Teacher Mr. Piper


Zachary Read, Staff Writer

New  school year, new experiences, new faces. This year, we gained a few new additions to our staff, including Mr. Joshua Piper. Most people know him as the Brit Lit II teacher, but there is much more to him than what he teaches. 

Mr. Piper is an avid runner who has been running for most of his life and has competed in races in Germany and Austria. He’s even crossed the finish line on his hands.

When he’s not running, Mr. Piper enjoys reading. Some of his favorite books include: Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman, and, Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, which he says he has been reading for longer than most of his students have been alive. He said, “I’m taking my time to soak in the book’s great detail and essential meaning.”

While many people think of Marvel or DC comic characters when they think of superheroes, Mr. Piper says his favorite superheroes are  his parents.  He says they’ve been by his side with his career choice since the second grade, when he decided he wanted to become a teacher. He says, “They’ve done nothing but support me.” 

When Mr. Piper describes himself, he uses words like husband, father, crazy, eccentric and green. Why green? To solve that mystery, Mr. Piper invites you to stop by his room for the answer.