Exciting New Clubs Arrive at DHS

Law Club, Baking Club, Fitness Club, UNICEF Add Variety to Club Offerings

Emily King, Staff Writer

The start of the school year at DHS also means brand new clubs created by outgoing and passionate students.  This year, the new clubs at Dunlap are Baking Club, Law Club, UNICEF Club, and Fitness Club. 

Law Club sponsor Mrs. Vogel
provides advice during meeting

If you discuss politics at the lunch table, you can see yourself in the Oval Office, and your guilty pleasure is “Dateline”, then you would be a perfect fit for the Law Club. The Law Club is full of ambitious, determined students who all see themselves as having a future involving either the criminal justice system or politics in general.

The club’s goal is to  compete as a mock trial team in March at the University of Illinois. They will also spend their meetings learning about the inner workings of law in the U.S., listening to guest speakers, and also take field trips to the courthouse where they can see law in action. 

Baking Club officers Maggie Wang (left) and Hanna Cha

If you are looking for a way to give back to your own community, but are not sure how, then you have to check out baking club. Cookies and community is really what the baking club is all about. Their goal is to combine community service and baking. Their tasty desserts will be taken to senior centers and other places around the community where people may need a little pick-me-up with a sweet cookie. As the sweet founders of the baking club looking for new members, Maggie Wang and Hanna Cha can both agree on this: “anyone can bake.”

If fitness day is your favorite day of the week in gym class then you should give fitness club a try. The founder of Fitness Club, Dakota Boutwell, says that he created the club to really give the student body at Dunlap a great exercise program.

Fitness Club leader Dakota Boutwell

The club will begin to work with local businesses and gyms to create a positive environment for those who want to meet their goals. Members of the fitness club say that a reason they joined is to keep themselves accountable and motivated while working out. 

If you have a heart for helping children around the world and want to make a difference in someone’s life thousands of miles away, then this brand new club is perfect for you. United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, also known as UNICEF, is the embodiment of that. The UNICEF clubs goal is to raise money to help children around the world in need. They plan on raising money for UNICEF by hosting bake sales and movie screenings.

The club also will be participating in the trick or treat for UNICEF, which includes all UNICEF clubs around the country. This club is looking for members to join their new club. Anyone who likes helping children in need should give this one a chance. 

Now that club days have begun at DHS, it is time to start getting involved in clubs, new and old. With the new additions, Law Club, Baking Club, Fitness Club, and UNICEF, there’s even now more a variety of activities to join. Be sure to check out any of these if they appeal to you and give your support to these outgoing students who started these new clubs.