Mrs. Reece Excels in Music


Hetakshi Joshi

Jennifer Reece, the Director of Choral Activities in the Music Department at Dunlap High School, has been teaching music for the past 28 years. She teaches courses such as Concert Choir, Forte, Women’s Chorale, Master Chorale, Madrigals, Court Singers, Jazz, TBA and other musical programs. 

She has also received recognition from the Walt Disney American Teacher Awards for excellence in education, and has been honored in several editions “Who’s Who in America Teachers”.

Also, Mrs. Reece is a church choir director at a local church, an organist and active member in IMEA, ACDA and NAfME.

She has taught classroom and choral music education in Washington, Limestone, and East Peoria school districts and is a frequent adjudicator for IESA, IGSMA and IHSA as well.

Despite her busy schedule, she finds ways to have fun.

“I judged a contest at Morton High School, and the judges and I had a break in between,” Mrs. Reece said. “We had a competition on who could throw the most M&Ms in the balcony, but we cleaned it up later though.”

Here are a few questions that will help provide more insight about her hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes : 

Which show do you like better : “The Voice” or “American Idol” ? Why ? 

“I like “The Voice” better. There seems to be more coaching and less drama. It’s just a little bit more real.”

What is your favorite song on your playlist ? 

“I think right now my favorite song is the one that the Jazz group is singing. It’s called “Getting There”. I am also pretty obsessed with the musical “In Transit”. I like acapella music.”

What’s one TV Show you never miss ?

“There isn’t one show I never miss. In the past there was this show called “Emergency Room”, but that show doesn’t exist anymore. Now, I have a TV on, but I am not really watching it. Back when my son was younger we watched it every night.”

What is the best gift you have ever received from your students ? 

“I would say my Women’s Chorale group gave me a jacket last year. They did exceedingly well last year. They got me a jacket that had our theme for the year. I was totally surprised. Everybody else knew, but I did not know. It was a letter jacket. It was pretty cool.”

 If you could have a superpower, what would it be ?

“Probably to turn back time to relive some things. Not necessarily to change things, but to experience them again.”

Which movie would you watch over and over ?

“It would be¨Finding Nemo”. There are a lot of life lessons and good truths spoken in that movie.”

What was one time that you felt very proud? 

“When my son graduated college. Also, I think that any time that we have a concert that goes very smoothly, that makes me very proud of the kids and the work that we put in.”