Fun and Quirky, New Teacher Miss Whiteside Has Already Become a Student Fave


Miss Whiteside

Lauren Pierce

Although she has only been here for less than two months, the new consumer science teacher Miss Caroline Whiteside is already very popular due to her quirky and fun personality.

Coming to DHS, after teacher in Putnam County for the past two years, Miss Whiteside teaches Intro to Family and Consumer Science, Family Resource and Management, and starting next semester Nutrition and Wellness.

Miss Whiteside described her teaching style as energetic and fun. She also said that she tries really hard to make dry topics fun and has many ideas in mind to help brighten up her classes.

Besides being a consumer science teacher, Miss Whiteside loves to bake, specifically desserts like bunt cakes and cookies. She said she also enjoys feeding people her desserts as well.

Here are a few other fun facts about Miss Whiteside.

Eagle Eye: Where did you grow up?

Whiteside: “In the suburbs of Chicago in Palatine. I went to a big high school like Dunlap, there was around 800 people in my graduating class. Then for college I went to Bradley University.”

Eagle Eye: What’s the coolest trip you’ve taken?

Whiteside: “I went to New Orleans with 4 close friends. It was a fun experience to go on with friends and explore. We took a tour and learned about the history and even went on a gondola ride!”

Eagle Eye: What do you believe would be the best class pet?

Whiteside: “A therapy dog. I grew up with a therapy dog at home and I think they can be very helpful.”

Eagle Eye: What’s the craziest thing you have done?

Whiteside: “One time I got on the back of a motorcycle with a stranger because I had never been on one.”

Eagle Eye: What’s the worst purchase you’ve made?

Whiteside: “When I bought two mannequins from Gap when they were having a sale to use them for a prank on one of my friends.”