Dunlap’s High School’s Homecoming Parade Brings the Dunlap District Together


Jensen Benét

This year’s homecoming parade was filled with smiling faces and activities, including the parade, and just like years before, it didn’t fail to impress. With a total of 57 different organized group committees from the Dunlap district in the parade, people usually go to the parade for fun with friends, for candy, or to support their home team here at Dunlap.

Two of the senior homecoming court nominees: Alyse Rhee, Jacob Peugh

Preparation started at 3:00 P.M. where people arrived to finish up their floats and add final touches to show school spirit before the fun began. The groups were ordered in one of the five rows in the parade line-up. At 4:45 they were off, with floats for sports, clubs, elementary schools, and homecoming court.

For some this was their first parade. One of those people being a junior, Ryan Reid, who was on Snowball’s parade float. Reid said “I think it (the parade) is well organized.,” also mentioning how he enjoyed his time. 

The crowd cheered especially loud when Dunlap High School’s football team, on firetrucks provided by the Dunlap Fire Department, passed them. The crowd excitingly rooted for their team, hoping they would win the upcoming homecoming game. The team waved and smiled, grateful for their support from their supporters.

The parade was full of great energy and excitement. Many things lead up to homecoming, the daily dress up themes, football game, powderpuff, macho volleyball, but to many students, the parade is one of the most important aspects to homecoming week.