New Class Incorporating Media Begins at DHS


Kitty Reddy

DHS students are getting the chance to experience technology in a interesting and fun way thanks to the new class Video Media. 

The class, which is taught by Ms. Powers, provides students the opportunity to learn how to operate video cameras, edit video, and create newscasts. 

According to Ms. Powers, Video Media class is mostly based around projects that many students collaborate on. 

Inside the classroom, students brainstorm, write scripts and assign jobs. Outside of class, students film interviews and clips for the newscast. 

The addition of the class was because “these days, film and media is everywhere,” according to Ms. Powers.  She enjoys the class because she gets to “learn a lot along with the kids, so it has been fun.”

One of the classes 14 students, Megan McFadden, a senior at Dunlap, said that the class is fun. “I learn new things while experimenting with cameras and editing.”

Another student, Chris Eston, junior, agrees. He said the most rewarding part is “seeing how projects turn out after all the hard work we put into it.”

Check out their Youtube channel, DHS Eagle Report, to view their newscast and highlighted videos.