Wellness Program Gives Students Outlet For Mental Support


Genevieve Stedwill

A new wellness program started at Dunlap High School last August in order to provide individual student and teacher counseling.

Through a partnership between the University of Illinois Center for Wellbeing and DHS, students now have access to a professional mental health specialist during school hours–for free.

Jerri Genovese, who serves as the main counselor, is very dedicated to connecting with students and is passionate about her job and helping students cope with various things including depression, anxiety, and stress.

Genovese, says that  one in every five students deals with mental illness, so she is interested in “finding ways to integrate mental health services into the school setting.” And although the center does not have the ability to prescribe medication, they do have various psychiatrists that they can refer students to.

The program has started off strong, as it didn’t take long for Genovese’s appointment schedule to fill up with several students taking advantage of the program.

To schedule an appointment with the wellness counselor, students should speak with their guidance counselor.