An Inside Look at New History Teacher: Mr. Bergschneider


Isaac Zimmerman

There is a lot that can be learned about Dunlap High School’s newest Social Studies teacher Chris Bergschneider, who began this past August. 

Bergschneider, who teaches U.S. History and World History, has a Bachelor of Arts in Education, a masters in Curriculum and Instruction, and he is currently working on a doctorate at Illinois State University.

Although his name may look strange and hard to say, Mr. Berschneider made it sound quite easy when he stated, “It’s just ‘Berg’ and ‘Schneider’”.

Mr. Bergschneider has a wife who currently teaches third grade at Hickory Grove and has been in the district for eight years. He also has three boys: Eli, in fourth grade; Drew, in sixth grade; and Carson, in eighth grade.

When asked why he enjoys teaching Social Studies subjects, Mr. Bergscheider said, “I have always been interested in people and stories.” 

He said that with social studies there are so many things we can dissect about human nature and he enjoys discussions and seeing people’s different perspectives.

If Mr. Bergscheider could go anywhere in the world, he said he would go to Greece because, “It would be neat to see where democracy began.” He said he would also like to see the physical geography and architecture there. 

Three things that Mr. Bergschneider has on the top of his bucket list are: first, adding a Final Four appearance to his basketball coaching achievement. Second, he wants to to Australia because he has never been out of the country. And, finally, he wants to experience real mountain climbing.