DHS Math Department Gains a New Face: Sarah Charles


Jamison Hefti

Dunlap High School has gained a new and interesting math teacher, Ms. Sarah Charles, who is helping students understand and view math differently. 

Ms. Charles, originally took the engineering route out of high school and decided that teaching was what she really wanted to do. 

Compared to Dunlap, Mrs. Charles went to a very small high school with about 200 students. She said, “everyone knew each other, even their aunts, uncles, and cousins.”

Charles said she enjoys teaching math because, “math never lies.” 

Teaching for Ms. Charles may seem a little different from other teachers. She has a very relaxed teaching style that includes a lot of student discussion and interaction.

Charles said she wants students to feel comfortable and understand that math is a struggle for other students too. 

Outside of school, Ms. Charles has two children and a husband which she enjoys doing outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. She also loves to read!

If Ms. Charles could go anywhere in the world, she would go back to Ireland. She said the people were so friendly and it was just beautiful.

Something Ms. Charles would love is to have one wish so that there would be 70 degree weather everyday.