Law Club Preparing to Compete in Upcoming Mock Trials


Cole Thierer

Aspiring lawyers in DHS’s new law club are preparing for their first mock trial competition in March in Springfield, Illinois. 

The mock trials will have 300-400 teams participating. All of the teams are from Illinois. The students on the team act as real lawyers and prepare a case. When they get to the competition they work one side of the case, the plaintiff or defense against another team. In the second round they work the side of the case they didn’t do in round 1. The winner is decided by the judge and jury at the competition. 

According to the vice president of the club, Aadi Bhanti, the team is “currently learning about all the different elements of a case”.

They are doing this to be well prepared to compete in March. Everyone must be ready to go head-to-head with established teams that have been doing this for years.

Mrs. Vogel said that “there’s going be a lot of outside practice that they have to do, especially when it comes to writing opening and closing statements.”

The students practice on Sunday afternoons Mrs. Vogel and an attorney who coaches them on the law and provides guidance on trials.

As the season begins to gear up, the team will start practicing more. Mrs. Vogel believes the team is well suited because of their experience in the speech team as well. The team expects to do well and plans to keep working hard to make DHS proud.